Lio Martinez: Chant               Yannick Destrée: Saxophone               Clément Vidal Naquet: Piano

Vincent Nasri: Batterie                Stephane Bularz: Contrebasse

In an acoustic atmosphere, the Swing'up Jazz band revisits the great standards of American jazz, the Brazilian bossa nova but also some big names in chanson

and swing made in France.


The charming voice and the generosity of the saxophone leads us on

paths where we meet, passion and glamor.

Worn by the elegant swing of the trio piano, bass and drums.


The meeting of the musicians is done naturally in the course of the concerts and the projects of each one, together they decide to create Swing'Up and to make you share their taste of the swing and their experience of the scene in a French Riviera spirit.


Beaumanière (St Remy de Provence)

Chateau Lacoste (Le Puy Ste Réparade)

Hôtel Aquabella (Aix en Provence)

Hôtel Le diva (Tigne)

Les Ecuries de l'Aube

Le Mille Feuilles (Aix en Provence)

Le Titus (Côte bleue)

Villa Massalia (Marseille)

Hôtel Delos (Bendor)

Mairie de Montpellier

Mairie de Salon de Provence

Mairie de Port de Bouc

Rotary Club (Martigues)




Villa Glanum


for their trust



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Vincent Nasri Batterie